Ken Duke
Hope, AR  Hometown
Membership: 3/28/2018
Minor League Tour Career Earnings: $4,723.29

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Best Minor League Golf Finishes (News Articles)

9/21/201416 Players that have played on the Minor League/GOLFslinger Tour exempt for 2015 PGA Tour
Derek Fathauer, Jon Curran, Ryan Armour, Tom Gillis, Brooks Koepka, Nicholas Thompson, Justin Hicks, Brian Stuard, Scott Langley, Ken Duke, Steve Wheatcroft, Daniel Berger, Sam Saunders, Andres Gonzales, Carlos Sainz Jr., Erik Compton
6/12/201412 players including Brooks Koepka, Brett Stegmaier, Scott Langley, Ken Duke, and Brian Stuard are playing in the 2014 US OPEN
6/23/2013Ken Duke wins first PGA Tour Event in Playoff
Duke, from Palm City, has played a dozen rounds on the GOLFslinger/Minor League Golf Tour
8/8/201210 Players in the 2012 PGA Championship have GOLFslinger Tour experience
Danny Balin, Frank Bensel, Mark Brown, Brian Cairns, Matt Dobyns, Ken Duke, Alan Morin, Paul Scaletta, Bob Sowards and Doug Wade
3/2/2012Tom Gillis (64) Tied for the Lead at the Honda Clasic
Ken Duke T-11, Scott Langley T-31 through two rounds

Minor League Golf Results

Score Date Place
673/1/2018 T5
145 (73-72)1/31/2011T13
143 (72-71)2/16/2010T6
134 (68-66)9/9/20092

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