Skins Participants

Major III at PGA Champ
PGA National - Champ - Par 70 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Monday, September 25, 2017
Amount Player Number
40Zach Weaver1
40John Gerber2
40Michael Buttacavoli3
40Kristian Caparros4
40Joshua Lee5
40Michael Midgette6
40Davey Jude7
40Tim Carey8
40Luke Graboyes9
40Brant Peaper10
40Felipe Velazquez11
40Marc Mazza12
40Andrew Burke13
40Jeffrey Wells14
40Justin Peters15
40Blake Morris16
40Zach Zaback17
40Andy Pope18
40Josh Hart19
40Jack Whelan20
40Matt Hill21
40Will Coleman22
40Zack Shriver 23
40Steve LeBrun24
40Jeb Buchanan25
40Conor Richardson26
40Paul Park27
40Brian Fister28
40Sunny Kim29
40Justin Hicks30
40Miguel Angel Jimenez31
40Jordan Elsen32
40Eric Beringer33
40Michael Chipolone34
40James Smith35
40Cole Willcox36
40Nathan Klatt37
37 out of 60 paid players are in skins.


The skins game entry (usually $20 per round) must be paid when you are paying your entry fee online for the event. Our hole by hole scoring feature provides the data for a cool skins grid where the results can be watched and verified by all.

To keep the IRS and USGA happy, skins are paid via direct deposit like regular earnings and will count towards your official MLGT earnings. Amateurs that earn skins will be paid with gift cards.

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