Jupiter CC Classic Presented by The One Putt

COURSE: Jupiter Country Club (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:2/22/2018, DURATION: 1-Day
2/20/2018, You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $5 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register the day before the event.
TEE TIMES:Start 10:28am
OTHER INFO:50% of field earns check. The winner of this event will receive a custom One Putt Training Aid, the first customizable putting training aid device. The One Putt will be on the practice putting green before the tournament begins for players to try.
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less
ENTRY FEE: $200 Active Tour Member  OR  $250 Includes a $50 Event Membership 
OPTIONAL: $20 Skins, Paid Players    $50 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online by 4pm the day before the event. A $5 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after 4pm.

Jupiter Country Club
126 Rosalia Court
Jupiter, FL  33478

(561) 746-3950

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Tee Times

To get your exact tee time check online after 7pm the evening before or call 561-598-9630 between 7pm and 9pm.

10:28:00 AM

Group: 1
Will Coleman
Max Gilbert
Matt Porter

10:36:00 AM

Group: 2
Collin Neeman
Ryan Carter
Eric Dietrich (Caddie)

10:44:00 AM

Group: 3
Cole Willcox
Jonah Wasserstrom (a)
Bradley Lankler

10:52:00 AM

Group: 4
Zack Jaworski
Michael  Chipolone
Chad Stumpo (a) (Caddie)

11:00:00 AM

Group: 5
Jesse  Larson
Sunny Kim (Caddie)
Tim Carey

11:08:00 AM

Group: 6
Olin Browne Jr
Paul Park
Mark Purrington

11:16:00 AM

Group: 7
Christopher Gentle
Lucas Duperre Vanden Hecke
Richard Trotter

11:24:00 AM

Group: 8
Austin Parker
Nick Latimer
Jalen  Ledger (a)

11:32:00 AM

Group: 9
Joe  Harney
Alejandro Garmendia
Brian  Fister

11:40:00 AM

Group: 10
Andreas Halvorsen Berg(Caddie)
Nicholas  Pandelena
Tim Hegarty

11:48:00 AM

Group: 11
James Smith
Josh Anglin
Kameel Jiwa

11:56:00 AM

Group: 12
Justin Bryant
David Donovan IV
Steven Burak

12:04:00 PM

Group: 13
Jamie Sindelar
Florian Kolberg
Dan McCarthy

12:12:00 PM

Group: 14
Rasmey Kong (a) (Caddie)
Tyler Collet
Justin Roberto

12:20:00 PM

Group: 15
Mike Van Sickle
Evan Russell (Caddie)
Daniel Obremski

12:28:00 PM

Group: 16
Felipe Velazquez
Jay Jay Howard (a)
Brant  Peaper

12:36:00 PM

Group: 17
Logan Gray
David  Sanders
Zack Shriver

12:44:00 PM

Group: 18
Matt  Hill
Steve  LeBrun
Albin Choi

12:52:00 PM

Group: 19
Jeff Cohen
Kevin Talty (a)
Ryan Fowler

1:00:00 PM

Group: 20
Kevin Jorden
Bryden Macpherson
Nicholas Huggins

1:08:00 PM

Group: 21
Adam Findlay (a) TD
Bo Bondeson (a) TD
Estevan Valdes (a) TD

1:16:00 PM

Group: 22
Julius Oppenheimer (a) TD
Alvin Okada TD
Chris Swartz (a) TD

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