Bonus Pool Participants

2022 Citrus Golf Trail Open - $20k 1st place!
Sun 'N Lake - Deer Run - Sebring, FL
Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Amount Player Number
100Keegan Bronnenberg1
100Oliver Mast2
100Sean Jacklin3
100Evan Katz4
100John Kalavritinos5
100MJ Maguire6
100Mark Goetz7
100Jackson Suber8
100Greyson Porter9
100Ryan Linton10
100Peter Bradbeer11
100Jeffrey Cunningham12
100Dawson Anders13
100Jimmy Hervol14
100Michael Kartrude15
100Dylan Meyer16
100Landon Michelson17
100Brant Peaper18
100Donnie Trosper19
100Carr Vernon20
100Phillip Yribarren21
21 out of 47 paid players are in the Bonus Pool.

Bonus Pool.

Since you are already paying course and administration fees with your event entry, 100% of the bonus pool entry goes into the bonus pool purse. The bonus pool has a 33% payout with solo last place money equalling at least 100% of the bonus pool entry fee.

All payouts are generated by our Bonus Pool Purse Calculator. Using the drop down link on the calculator, you can change the number of players and the payout will adjust. Each event with a bonus pool option will have a link to it, with that events bonus pool entry amount. The bonus pool entry fee amount appears on the event details page.

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