TD Linked MainID:2867 Minor League Golf Tour Skins Player List

Skins Participants

Training Division
Links At Madison Green - Royal Palm Beach, FL
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Amount Player Number
20Daniel Wetterich1
20Brian Prichard (a) TD 2
20Robby Golobo 3
20Kraig Joy4
20Logan Bryant 5
20Bernardo Suarez6
20Adam Everitt7
20Zach Zaback8
20Josh Hart9
20Peter French10
20Siyan Liu11
20Ryan Linton12
20Tim Hegarty13
20Josh Goldenberg14
20James Mackenzie 15
20Hunter Richardson16
20Kimo Huddleston (a) TD 17
17 out of 28 paid players are in skins.


The skins game entry (usually $20 per round) must be paid when you are paying your entry fee online for the event. Our hole by hole scoring feature provides the data for a cool skins grid where the results can be watched and verified by all.

To keep the IRS and USGA happy, skins are paid via direct deposit like regular earnings and will count towards your official MLGT earnings. Amateurs that earn skins will be paid with gift cards.

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