Skins Participants

2023 Citrus Golf Trail Open - $7K ADDED MONEY!
Sun 'N Lake - Deer Run - Sebring, FL
Monday, November 13, 2023
Amount Player Number
40Will Thomson1
40Hayden Garcia2
40David Erdy3
40Marc Groenhuysen4
40Tanner Grzegorczyk5
40Luke Campbell6
40Otto Black7
40Conner Godsey8
40Aaron Wilson9
40Phillip Choi10
40Josh Goldenberg11
40Colin Rajczak12
40Michael McGowan13
40Paul DiFranco III14
40Tommy Kuhl15
40AJ Ewart16
40Peter Creighton17
40Ben Sigel18
40Brian Richey19
40Pat Martin20
40Luke Wilson21
40Dalton Shettle22
40Joshua O'Hearn23
40Erik MacDonald24
40Ryan Linton25
40Maclain Huge26
40Jorge Villar27
40Austin Vukovits28
40Patrick Sullivan29
40Taylor Funk30
40Dawson Anders31
40Peter Bradbeer32
40Beau Breault33
40Connor Campbell34
40Christian Chapman35
40Danny Daniels36
40Robert De Paz 37
40Mateo F. Jimenez38
40George Kneiser39
40Bogle LaRue40
40Thomas Longbella41
40Charles Merzbacher42
40Owen Quinn43
40Tyler Stachkunas44
40Timothy Umphrey45
40Keenan Hickton46
46 out of 83 paid players are in skins.


The skins game entry (usually $20 per round) must be paid when you are paying your entry fee online for the event. Our hole by hole scoring feature provides the data for a cool skins grid where the results can be watched and verified by all.

To follow IRS guidelines, skins are paid via direct deposit like regular earnings and will count towards your official MLGT earnings. Amateurs that earn skins playing in the Training Divison will be paid with gift cards.

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