Skins Results Day 1

Wednesday, October 16, 2019   2-Day Qualifying School 2nd Stage Tune Up

Player 123456789101112131415161718
Eric Beringer524434444543533657
Piri Borja534534443443433445
Olin Browne Jr.424435334433562445
Sean Busch535434444543442545
Eric Cole533434443453333444
Ben Cook534434443542463435
Eric Dietrich434434445442443335
Davey Jude534535654454543445
Diego Larrazabal435535443444543445
Jake Marriott524334336553343444
Ryan McCormick525424436443443445
Chip McDaniel434444444443343446
Mike Miller423434444543443444
Brant Peaper534434443553443446
Justin Peters536434454545454556
Will Rosenfield 534435444443543445
Tate Smith535435443653444475
Curtis Thompson523424344443443444
Nicholas Thompson524434434543543445
Alex Wilson644434454644533444
Zach Zaback535424343553443355

Day 1. There was $420 in the skins pot (21 Players x $20) with 2 skins out worth $210.00 each.

To enter the skins game, a skins option will pop-up (if available) when you click the add to cart button at the time you are paying for the event.

  • This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for any event.
  • If it is a Multi-Day event, the skins amount is for the first 2 days. ($40 = $20 Day-1, $20 Day-2)
  • All professional skins earnings are paid the same way regular event earnings are paid via ACH
  • Amateurs receive skins earnings in Gift Certificates.

Skins Results Day 2

Player 123456789101112131415161718
Eric Beringer534424444443443346
Piri Borja434434444443433444
Olin Browne Jr.533434444442543545
Sean Busch534435453443444345
Eric Cole634434344342443354
Ben Cook634434454543442445
Eric Dietrich544434433432433444
Davey Jude543334354543443346
Diego Larrazabal435344644542443345
Jake Marriott524424444543434447
Ryan McCormick534344444433443435
Chip McDaniel434444454642433544
Mike Miller533433454443443444
Brant Peaper524424344442443544
Justin Peters445434463744543533
Will Rosenfield 434434445443444444
Tate Smith735434455643554445
Curtis Thompson523433444443443544
Nicholas Thompson534444433443443435
Alex Wilson544434534555443545
Zach Zaback534433465443443445

Day 2. There was $420 in the skins pot (21 Players x $20) with 3 skins out worth $140.00 each.

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