TD Linked MainID:3069 Minor League Golf Tour Skins Player List

Skins Participants

Training Division - STABLEFORD
Fountains Country Club - West Course - Lake Worth, FL
Monday, February 28, 2022
Amount Player Number
20Matthew Osman (a) TD 1
20Ryan Isaacson2
20Tommy Sullinger3
20Jack O'Donnell (a)4
20Louis Stefanik5
20Andrew Stock6
20Austin Collins (a)7
20Brian Gebben TD 8
20Ryan Davis9
20Larry Blatt10
20Dave Rhinehart TD 11
20Tyler Collet12
20Carter Morgan13
20Rob Snyder14
20Daniel Nyman15
20Justin Peters16
20Michael Sweeney17
20Alexander Phibbs18
20Mustapha Assorhani19
20Jimmy Hervol20
20Corey Eisenband21
20Stanley Garrant22
20Kyle Leeds (a)23
20Chris Ingham24
20Colin Rajczak25
20Chris Navarro26
20Max Theodorakis27
20Matthew Latham (a) TD 28
20Cole Adams29
20Patrick Allgeier30
30 out of 58 paid players are in skins.


The skins game entry (usually $20 per round) must be paid when you are paying your entry fee online for the event. Our hole by hole scoring feature provides the data for a cool skins grid where the results can be watched and verified by all.

To follow IRS guidelines, skins are paid via direct deposit like regular earnings and will count towards your official MLGT earnings. Amateurs that earn skins playing in the Training Divison will be paid with gift cards.

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