Skins Results

Monday, March 21, 2016   North Palm Beach Classic

Player 123456789101112131415161718
Colin Biles545444454344643435
Lucas Duperre Vanden Hecke465443374445553655
Matt Gallant446444254455454448
Mitchell Gregson546434344454543435
Chris Hemmerich445464344454634624
Steven Ihm345434344434545434
Ross Kronberg656545345545543636
Ryan Miller5565343644510553555
Kristian Perry (a)446434344554643346
Justin Peters345545264443443445
Alexander Phibbs646435444555954435
Zack Shriver 444444345444543545
Ben Silverman335534433433543434

There was $260 in the skins pot (13 Players x $20) with 9 skins out worth $28.89 each.

To enter the skins game, a skins option will pop-up (if available) when you click the add to cart button at the time you are paying for the event.

  • This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for any event.
  • If it is a Multi-Day event, the skins amount is for the first 2 days. ($40 = $20 Day-1, $20 Day-2)
  • All professional skins earnings are paid the same way regular event earnings are paid via ACH
  • Amateurs receive skins earnings in Gift Certificates.

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