Skins Results

Monday, August 9, 2021   Training Division

Player 123456789101112131415161718
Albin Choi 433433432444244533
Michael Debilzan (a) 534555566544466636
Domenico Geminiani 433434543434344534
Luke Graboyes 436443643453343444
Juan Guerra 534444443444343534
Bogle LaRue 634444443544454644
Ryan Lynch 534464543444355534
Steven O'Neill 736554554434343624
Colin Rajczak 534444533543444534
Brandon Smith (a) 435434443633243534
Ezra Sutton  TD 536444543445354646
Justin Whitfield 543344543444454734
Aaron Wilson 536344842446354434

There was $260 in the skins pot (13 Players x $20) with 2 skins out worth $130.00 each.

To enter the skins game, a skins option will pop-up (if available) when you click the add to cart button at the time you are paying for the event.

  • This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for any event.
  • If it is a Multi-Day event, the skins amount is for the first 2 days. ($40 = $20 Day-1, $20 Day-2)
  • All professional skins earnings are paid the same way regular event earnings are paid via ACH
  • Amateurs receive skins earnings in Gift Certificates.

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