Skins Results Bonus Pool

Tuesday, January 24, 2023   Melreese Winter Classic

Player 123456789101112131415161718
Anthony Amoroso (a) 444534634444543344
Mustapha Assorhani  TD 546636745565553576
Brandon Berry 444535434543343444
Ryan Davis 544434435453453454
Robert De Paz  534545434564353654
Joel Garcia Lee 444644524453542554
Domenico Geminiani 434634534443452443
Van Holmgren 344635544454443554
Maclain Huge 444534444453445464
Chase Johnson 433534534444443445
George Kneiser 345534544443444764
Joey Lane 425654444444434454
Ryan Linton 534534434454433454
Evan Long 334534534452553465
Thomas Longbella 433645534443643455
Mariano Medico 434534445554433554
Ryan Quinn 454544544343444464
Josh Seiple 445634733453453454
Joaquin Trigueros 454634535443543466
Aaron Wilson 534535534454743455

There was $400 in the skins pot (20 Players x $20) with 8 skins out worth $50.00 each.

To enter the skins game, a skins option will pop-up (if available) when you click the add to cart button at the time you are paying for the event.

  • This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for any event.
  • If it is a Multi-Day event, the skins amount is for the first 2 days. ($40 = $20 Day-1, $20 Day-2)
  • All professional skins earnings are paid the same way regular event earnings are paid via ACH
  • Amateurs receive skins earnings in Gift Certificates.

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