Florida Institute of Performance Minor League Golf Tour Member Training

Minor League Golf Partner The Florida Institute of Performance is now offering special training sessions for Minor League Golf Tour Players. Focusing on enhancing athleticism and providing the tools for peak performance, the Minor League Golf Training includes performance testing and supervised training.

Call about 1 week free trial 561-252-6050

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Contact The FIP Team at 561-252-6050 or Info@FloridaInstituteofPerformance.com

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About Florida Institute of Performance

The Florida Institute of Performance offers training programs for professional athletes dedicated to improving their athletic ability and achieving the highest level of success in their sport. Each program is customized to address the athlete's physical needs and career goals. Professional level programs include evaluation, performance testing, nutritional consultation and supplementation, and supervised, hands-on training. Athletes also have access to private training sessions, annual training program design and consultation, annual nutritional planning, preferred supplementation and nutrition product discounts, and our exclusive online client portal for off-site training.

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