Citrus Golf Trail Open - $25k ADDED!

COURSE: Sun 'N Lake - Deer Run / Turtle Run (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:11/30/2021, DURATION: 3-Day
11/28/2021, You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $5 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register the day before the event.
TEE TIMES:Start 7:45am off #1 and #10
OTHER INFO:The first two days you will play one round on Deer Run and one round on Turtle Run. There will be a 36 hole cut to the low 40% and ties and the final round will be on Deer Run. $20k 1st place @ 140 players, $10k 1st place guaranteed at any number of players. $25k added to the purse by the Citrus Golf Trail!

You must be registered and paid 7 days prior to the event. If you withdraw after 11/23/21 there will be a $100 withdrawal fee.
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less. **Host hotel - Inn on the Lakes $129 per night (breakfast included). Call (863) 471-9400 to make a reservation and ask for the Minor League Golf Tour group rate.**
ENTRY FEE: $695 Active Tour Member  OR  $795 Includes a $100 1 Month Membership 
OPTIONAL: $40 Skins, Paid Players    $100 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online by 4pm the day before the event. A $5 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after 4pm.

Sun 'N Lake - Deer Run / Turtle Run
35468 Tee Time Circle
Sebring, FL  33872

(863) 385-4830

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Registered Player List

Pmt No. Player Membership
1Patrick Allgeier12/1/2021
2Eric Beringer4/21/2022
3Carey Bina3/30/2021 Expired
4Peter Bradbeer3/17/2022
6955Bret Brady5/5/2022
6Nick Branchina4/21/2022
7Anthony Brodeur5/3/2022
8Tarik Can5/11/2020 Expired
9Ryan Celano 9/28/2022
10Eric Cole1/19/2022
11Bobby Collins3/23/2022
12Tyler Copp8/27/2017 Expired
13Jack Cunningham 10/22/2022
14Alexandre De Gunzburg 1/19/2022
15Robert De Paz 11/24/2021
16Eric Dietrich12/9/2021
17Charlie Dubiel3/31/2022
18Geoffrey Fisk12/2/2021
19Domenico Geminiani1/14/2022
20Josh Goldenberg4/20/2022
21Michael Graboyes11/19/2021
22Luke Graboyes11/19/2021
23Evan Grenus1/19/2022
24Matt Harris 7/20/2021 Expired
25Josh Hart2/2/2022
26Jimmy Hervol1/11/2022
27Blaze Hogan5/24/2021 Expired
28Van Holmgren11/1/2021
29Matt Holuta12/2/2021
30Chris Ingham11/5/2021
69531Kaleb Johnson4/13/2022
32Jimmy Jones4/20/2021 Expired
33Chase Jones9/14/2021 Expired
34Michael Kartrude1/29/2022
35Pete Kellermann8/6/2021 Expired
36Kyle Leeds2/18/2022
37Clifford Lindholm9/22/2022
38Ryan Linton10/14/2021 Expired
39Joaquin Lolas9/28/2021 Expired
40Mariano Medico4/19/2022
69541Spencer Mellon2/25/2022
69542Landon Michelson3/22/2022
43Mike Miller12/9/2021
44Blake Morris11/23/2021
45Jeremy Nevius10/14/2021 Expired
46Riley O'Rourke12/2/2021
47Ryan Orr3/2/2021 Expired
48Brant Peaper7/27/2022
49Jonathan Pieper7/15/2021 Expired
50Carter Rostron (a)3/19/2022
51Jake Solomon6/3/2021 Expired
52Matt Springer12/31/2021
53Donald Stimble4/12/2021 Expired
54Andrew Stock7/16/2021 Expired
55Tyler Strafaci4/20/2022
56Corbin Stykemain (a)3/30/2021 Expired
57Jarrett Swan8/25/2021 Expired
58Tyler Todd8/16/2021 Expired
59Joaquin Trigueros1/29/2022
60Zachary Turi8/16/2021 Expired
61Clancy Waugh9/21/2022
62Chris Wiatr10/5/2021 Expired
63Kris Wilcoxon1/25/2022
64Andrew Wilkinson5/4/2021 Expired
65Cameron Willis10/20/2021 Expired
66Alex Wilson11/18/2021
67Luke Wilson7/29/2020 Expired
68Reese Woodbury (a)3/3/2022

No players are currently on the waiting list for this event


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