Minor League Golf Training Division

The Minor League Golf Training Division is targeted at players that are in the developmental stages of learning to play competitive golf.

Minor League Golf offers a Training Division during selected monthly tournaments.

100% of The Experience, about Half the Price

The Training Division entry fee is about half that of the of the professional event fee, with the winner receiving a gift certificate for an amount not to exceed the cost of entry.

Total payout depends on the number of players competing in the Training Division, with $20-$25 per player going into the payout.

Seniors, Women, Amateurs, & Pro's

The Minor League Golf Training Division is a great place for professionals, amateurs, seniors and women to gain competitive experience under the same conditions of a professional event without the added expenditure of contributing to the payout.

Professionals competing in the Minor League Golf Training Division must play from the same tees as the professionals playing in the simultaneously run Minor League Golf Tour Event. The amateurs, seniors and women will have a choice of tees to play from.


An event skins option will pop-up (if available) when you click the add to cart button. This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for this event. If it is a Multi-Day event the skins amount is for the first 2 days.

Training Division Players participating in skins must play the Professional tees and skins will be paid with gift cards.

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