Minor League Golf Training Division

The Minor League Golf Training Division is targeted at players that are in the developmental stages of learning to play competitive golf.

Minor League Golf offers a Training Division during selected monthly tournaments.

100% of The Experience, about Half the Price

The Training Division entry fee is about half that of the of the professional event fee, with the winner receiving a gift certificate for an amount not to exceed the cost of entry.

Total payout depends on the number of players competing in the Training Division, with $20-$25 per player going into the payout.

Upcoming Training Division Event Schedule

Training Division Events Only

Seniors, Women, Amateurs, & Pro's

The Minor League Golf Training Division is a great place for professionals, amateurs, seniors and women to gain competitive experience under the same conditions of a professional event without the added expenditure of contributing to the payout.

Professionals competing in the Minor League Golf Training Division must play from the same tees as the professionals playing in the simultaneously run Minor League Golf Tour Event. The amateurs, seniors and women will have a choice of tees to play from.


When the event has skins, a check box will appear on the payment page. This is the ONLY chance you will have to get into skins for this event. If it is a Multi-Day event the skins amount is for the first 2 days.

Training Division Players participating in skins must play the Professional tees and skins will be paid with gift cards.

2022 Monthly Training Division Contests

The leading money winner each month will win a prize ranging from MLGT swag (head cover, hat, towel, money clip) to a entry fee into a 1-day professional division. Play well!

January 2022

Prize: Driver headcover and hat

January Contest Leaders

1Alexandre Gelinas (a)$352.50
2Patrick Anglin$215.00
3Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$150.00
4Jacob Reed (a)$142.50
5Jonathan Haykel (a)$120.00
6Carl St-Arnaud (a)$100.00
7Benjamin Hjort$100.00
8Greg Spiridigliozzi (a)$95.00
9Layla Pedrique (a)$90.00
10Ezra Sutton$85.00
11Drew Semons (a)$70.00
12Ryan Feldman (a)$65.00

February 2022

Prize: Tour towel and tervis

February Contest Leaders

1Jacob Reed (a)$412.50
2Carl St-Arnaud (a)$257.50
3Leon D'Souza (a)$170.00
4Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$145.00
5Trey Razzetti (a)$115.00
6Layla Pedrique (a)$100.00
7Poonyapat Nantsupawat (a)$85.00
8Luca Portelli$80.00
9Ezra Sutton$77.50
10Brian Gebben$70.00
11Arthur Ouimet V (a)$60.00
12Dave Rhinehart$52.50

March 2022

Prize: Alignment stick cover and hat

March Contest Leaders

1Jacob Reed (a)$260.00
2Layla Pedrique (a)$180.00
3Brian Gebben$165.00
4Valentin Bosdari (a)$135.00
5Matthew Latham (a)$130.00
6Robert Bolks Jr.$110.00
7Greg Spiridigliozzi (a)$105.00
8Patrick Anglin$100.00
9Austin Collins (a)$100.00
10Louis D'Aquila (a)$100.00
11Poonyapat Nantsupawat (a)$85.00
12Matthew Osman (a)$80.00

April 2022

Prize: Tour towel and money clip

April Contest Leaders

1Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$195.00
2Gregory Sadowski (a)$130.00
3Layla Pedrique (a)$100.00
4Ezra Sutton$75.00
5Ken Chuparkoff II (a)$70.00
6Devon Turner (a)$67.50
7Staci Pla (a)$67.50
8Sommer Sachs (a)$65.00
9Alec Valenzuela (a)$50.00
10Zachary Hill$45.00
11Ivan Rumsey (a)$40.00
12Michael Capolongo$40.00

May 2022

Winner earns free entry into 1-day regular division event

May Contest Leaders

1Ezra Sutton$450.00
2Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$325.00
3Matt Depinto (a)$155.00
4Devon Turner (a)$150.00
5Austin Aliff (a)$112.50
6Staci Pla (a)$90.00
7Layla Pedrique (a)$90.00
8Mark Eddleman$80.00
9Nicholas Cammarene (a)$72.50
10Janelle Johnson $60.00
11Jared Civin (a)$60.00
12Louis D'Aquila (a)$60.00

June 2022

Prize: Tour towel and hat

June Contest Leaders

1Greg Arbacas (a)$202.50
2Ezra Sutton$200.00
3Claudio Coello (a)$125.00
4Matt Depinto (a)$115.00
5Matthew Glenn (a)$97.86
6Jordan Laklak (a)$95.00
7David Marshall (a)$90.00
8Grayson Eleftheriou (a)$87.50
9Luca Portelli$85.00
10Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$85.00
11Zachary Hill$85.00
12Fletcher Wunderlich (a)$85.00

July 2022

Prize: 3-wood headcover and hat

July Contest Leaders

1David Marshall (a)$232.50
2Ken Chuparkoff II (a)$105.00
3Ezra Sutton$95.00
4Brian Berta (a)$85.00
5Luca Portelli$80.00
6Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$80.00
7Tanner Vickers (a)$70.00
8David Anderson (a)$50.00
9Sommer Sachs (a)$45.00
10Nicolo Ragazzi$40.00
11Alex Wolff (a)$35.00
12Greg Arbacas (a)$32.50

August 2022

Prize: Tour towel and alignment stick cover

August Contest Leaders

1Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$250.00
2Ken Chuparkoff II (a)$210.00
3Luca Portelli$205.00
4Greg Arbacas (a)$200.00
5Hank Schaefer (a)$167.50
6David Marshall (a)$165.00
7Matthew Epstein (a)$110.00
8Ezra Sutton$100.00
9Jack Wehle (a)$90.00
10Alec Valenzuela (a)$90.00
11Nicholas Estrada (a)$67.50
12Jake Fournier (a)$50.00

September 2022

Prize: Yardage book cover

September Contest Leaders

1David Marshall (a)$232.50
2Ezra Sutton$230.00
3Matias Agreda (a)$150.00
4Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$110.00
5Benjamin Sprenger (a)$105.00
6Luca Portelli$85.00
7Grayson Eleftheriou (a)$85.00
8Greg Arbacas (a)$80.00
9Jeremy Jean-Marie (a)$60.00
10Timothy Simpson (a)$45.00
11Louis D'Aquila (a)$37.50
12Sommer Sachs (a)$20.00

October 2022

Prize: Hybrid headcover and hat

October Contest Leaders

1Natthawat Sakchawanpob (a)$85.00
2Jeremy Jean-Marie (a)$40.00
3Matias Agreda (a)$0.00
4Justin Lynn (a)$0.00
5David Marshall (a)$0.00

November 2022

Winner earns free entry into 1-day regular division event

Contest Not Yet Started

December 2022

Prize: Tour towel and money clip

Contest Not Yet Started


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