Five 2018 Qualifying School Contests

Contest 1: February 5-6, 2018
PGA National Estates
2018 Contest 1 Winner Sunny Kim
Contest 2: April 30 - May 1, 2018
Wellington National Golf Club
2018 Contest 2 Winner Olin Browne, Jr.
Contest 3: May 21-22, 2018
Seagate CC
2018 Contest 3 Winner Steve LeBrun
Contest 4: August 8-9, 2018
PGA National - Palmer
2018 Contest 4 Winner Brad Gehl
Contest 5: September 12-13, 2018
Jupiter Country Club
2018 Contest 5 Winner Justin Hicks
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5 Qualifying School Contests

Minor League Golf is a proven professional golf training ground that prepares players and provides a path up to status tours.

In 2018 we ran 5 contests where the winner will receive $4,500 towards their entry and expenses into whatever QUALIFYING SCHOOL they choose to attend.

So far 30 Qualifying School Entries and Ten $1,000 Monday Qualifier Bonuses have been awarded by the Minor League Golf Tour.


Rules of Minor League Golf Qualifying School Contests

  • A Player can only win one Qualifying School Contest per calendar year
  • Contest format will be 2-Days (September 2017 example) or 4-Days (August 2017 Example)
  • Contest will follow MLGT policy for a weather shortened event. Please click to read the section on an Official Tournament
  • In the instance that 23 or more sign up for a $200 contest, the balance after the $4,500 Qualifying School spot is paid will go towards the 2nd place finisher's Qualifying School entry
  • If less than 23 players sign up for the Qualifying School Contest the Minor League Golf Tour will pay the difference, so a full $4,500 is paid out
  • Contest Bonus can be used for, Canada, Latin America, European|Challenge, China and LPGA Tour Qualifying Schools


Joey D Golf and Club Craft have contributed $5,000 to Sponsor the five 2018 QUALIFYING SCHOOL CONTESTS.

$2,000 of the money was used to guarantee the $4,500 first prize in each contest. The $3,000 left over after the five 2018 contests, will be added to the 2018 Minor League Golf Tour Championship purse.

Anybody who is planning on playing Q-school would be crazy to not play in these bonus events. I won the Qualifying School Contest in 2009 and made it to final stage for the first time. I might not have been able to pay for Q-school if it wasn't for the MLGT!

-- Justin Peters

2017 Contest 1 Winner Jamie Sindelar

2017 Contest 2 Winner Chase Koepka

2017 Contest 3 Winner Steve LeBrun

2017 Contest 4 Winner Michael Chipolone

2017 Contest 5 Winner Brian Richey

2017 Contest 6 Winner Michael Buttacavoli

2016 Contest 1 Winner Ryan Gildersleeve

2016 Contest 3 Winner Chase Koepka

2016 Contest 4 Winner Jordan Elsen

2016 Contest 5 Winner Justin Hicks

25 players participated in the September Qualifying School Contest creating a prize pool of $5,000. Justin Hicks is exempt into second stage at Q-School, so his entry fee is $4,000. The remainder of $1,000 will go towards the 2nd place finisher, Lee McCoy's Qualifying School entry fee.

2016 Contest 5 Runner-Up Lee McCoy

2016 Contest 2 Winner
Greg O'Mahony

27 players participated in the June Qualifying School Contest creating a prize pool of $5,400. Greg O'Mahony is exempt into first stage at Q-School, so his entry fee will be $4,500. The remainder of $900 will go towards the 2nd place finisher, Brandon Smith's Qualifying School entry.

2016 Contest 5 Runner-Up Brandon Smith

2018 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Sunny Kim
Olin Browne, Jr
Steve LeBrun
Brad Gehl
Justin Hicks

2017 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Jamie Sindelar
Chase Koepka
Steve LeBrun
Michael Chipolone
Brian Richey
Michael Buttacavoli

2016 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Ryan Gildersleeve
Greg O'Mahony
Chase Koepka
Jordan Elsen
Justin Hicks

2011 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Jimmy Lytle
Derrick Bohannon
Steve LeBrun
David Johnson
Kyle Willmann

2010 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Steve LeBrun
Sunny Kim
Jon McLean
Dustin Cone
Brian Anderson

2009 Qualifying School Contest Winners

Justin Peters
Brett Bergeron

2012 Monday Qualifier $1,000 Bonus Winners

Brett Stegmaier
Ben Silverman (won twice)
Sunny Kim (won twice)
Derrick Bohannon (won twice)
Matt Springer
Alfredo Adrian
Tim Turpen

2011 Senior Qualifying School Contest Winner

Chris Peddicord

2010 Senior Qualifying School Contest Winner

Adam Adams

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