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14th Annual Par-3 Team Trilogy presented by The Hangry Project

COURSE: Palm Beach Par 3 (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:12/15/2022, DURATION: 1-Day
12/13/2022. You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $0 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register after the Tuesday, December 13, 2022 registration deadline.
TEE TIMES:Start 7:30am on #10
OTHER INFO:33% of teams earn a check. Walking event. 27 Hole Team Event, par 81, 9 holes scramble, 9 holes modified alt. shot, 9 holes best ball, $420/per team, $210/per player, optional $40 per team skins and $100 bonus pool, pull carts free, golf carts avail for $15 per person.
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less. Click on the event title to learn more about The Hangry Project.
ENTRY FEE: $420 Active Tour Member  OR  $470 Includes a $50 Event Membership 
OPTIONAL: $40 Skins, Paid Players    $100 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online before 4:00 PM on 12/14/2022. A $0 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after the Wednesday, December 14, 2022 4:00 PM deadline.

Palm Beach Par 3
2345 South Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL  33480

(561) 547-0598

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Registered Player List

Pmt Player Membership
4201Marina Alex12/15/2022 Expired
2Mike Anderson1/31/2024
4203Josh Anglin1/14/2023 Expired
4Joshua August10/31/2022 Expired
5Bryan Baumgarten12/4/2022 Expired
4206Peter Bradbeer10/5/2023
4207Anthony Brodeur6/22/2023 Expired
4208Kade Brown12/15/2022 Expired
9Kelly Brown (a)11/18/2021 Expired
42010Olin Browne Jr.1/4/2024
42011Bennett Buch8/14/2024
42012Ethan Cairns8/31/2023 Expired
13Jay Card6/7/2023 Expired
14Brian Casey (a)4/12/2023 Expired
15Brianna Castaldi (a)6/5/2023 Expired
16Cole Castro9/16/2023 Expired
17Christian Cavaliere (a)8/4/2021 Expired
18Davis Chatfield6/4/2019 Expired
42019Lukas Clark5/2/2023 Expired
42020Eric Cole4/3/2023 Expired
42021Bennett Cotten5/3/2023 Expired
42022Thomas Crow12/15/2023
23Ryan Crowley9/20/2019 Expired
24Ryan Davis6/22/2023 Expired
42025Chris Deaner12/15/2022 Expired
42026Nicholas Dilio4/25/2023 Expired
27Jordan Ebanks (a)11/27/2022 Expired
42028Corey Eisenband8/28/2024
42029John Elliott12/15/2022 Expired
30Jordan Elsen (a)8/27/2019 Expired
31Jeff Evanier5/3/2018 Expired
32Max Ferrari6/7/2023 Expired
33Brendan Flood9/7/2017 Expired
34James Fox12/11/2022 Expired
42035Peter French10/6/2023
42036Matt Gallant10/28/2023
42037Kevin Geniza6/12/2023 Expired
42038Michael Graboyes12/7/2023
39Stephen P Grant5/31/2023 Expired
40Jimmy Hervol5/4/2023 Expired
42041Brendan Hunter12/15/2022 Expired
42042Chris Ingham4/18/2024
42043Ryan Isaacson12/13/2023
44Ryan Jahn1/24/2024
42045Kevin Johnson (a)3/22/2023 Expired
42046Dawson Jones9/5/2023 Expired
42047Michael Kartrude9/21/2023 Expired
48Evan Katz9/12/2024
42049Carson Klawonn11/14/2023
50George Kneiser2/15/2023 Expired
42051Chase Koepka12/15/2022 Expired
52Chris Kopack4/25/2023 Expired
53Charlie Kromann2/24/2021 Expired
42054Davis Lamb4/18/2023 Expired
55Austin Lemieux (a)10/12/2023
42056Clifford Lindholm3/28/2023 Expired
42057Sasha Lobel5/2/2023 Expired
42058Tommy Lucko12/31/2022 Expired
59Kevin Lynn (a)4/12/2023 Expired
60Ian Martin12/31/2022 Expired
61Billy McCaughan (a)2/1/2020 Expired
62Ryan McCormick12/10/2019 Expired
63Mariano Medico10/24/2023
42064Raoul Menard2/8/2024
42065Landon Michelson12/1/2023
42066Mike Miller1/19/2024
67Brad Miller6/7/2023 Expired
68Chris Navarro1/19/2024
42069Tyler Neff6/13/2023 Expired
70Hunter O'Mahony10/14/2023
71Manny Palacios 12/8/2022 Expired
72Austin Parker8/17/2023 Expired
73JP Parr (a)1/12/2023 Expired
74Brant Peaper8/16/2024
42075Jonathan Pieper11/22/2023
76Christopher Pieper12/12/2022 Expired
42077Owen Quinn4/19/2023 Expired
42078Babb Rawlings12/15/2022 Expired
42079Paula Reto12/15/2022 Expired
42080Alex Ross9/21/2023 Expired
42081Andrew Sciarretta10/6/2023
42082Jay Slazinski (a)12/31/2023
42083Alejandro Soto9/25/2023
84Diane Spilker (a)12/3/2022 Expired
85Kyle Sterbinsky3/18/2023 Expired
42086Ezra Sutton7/17/2024
87Michael Sweeney6/6/2023 Expired
42088Donnie Trosper5/23/2023 Expired
89Devon Turner (a)2/15/2023 Expired
90Jim Uelmen11/19/2022 Expired
91Ben VanScoyk9/18/2024
92Keaton Veillette2/23/2022 Expired
42093Carr Vernon4/11/2023 Expired
94Alison Walshe12/12/2022 Expired
42095Clancy Waugh11/15/2023
96Michael Weeks1/1/2015 Expired
97Timmy Wideman9/21/2023 Expired
42098Cameron Willis2/14/2023 Expired
42099Alex Wilson12/15/2022 Expired
100Ian Yee (a)12/6/2022 Expired

Waiting Player List

No. Player Reg Date Time
1Evan Thornton12/13/202211:20:28 AM
2David Abolt12/14/20229:28:39 PM

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