MLGT Partner Joey D Golf offers training for only $50 per session through 2/28/19
Don't forget to have your lofts and lies check at no charge at ClubCraft located inside Joey D Golf
Sunday, September 30, 2018

JUPITER, Fla. - MLGT partner Joey D Golf is offering a training option for the month of February 2019. Come in and train for only $50 per session! No commitment at all. Come once, five times or every day for $50 per session. An assessment is required before you start training. There are two assessment options. The first is a 15 minute complimentary player consultation. It is a quick overview to highlight areas of improvement and the second is a 90 minute tour level assessment at a cost of $199. It is an extensive assessment measuring and testing biomechanical aspects of the golf swing as well as bodybuilding imbalances and deficiencies.

MLGT members also receive complimentary loft and lie check at ClubCraft (located inside Joey D Golf), 10% discount on club repair and regrips and 50% discount on Tour-style club fittings.

If you have any questions please call Dan Hulsey at 815-540-8110.

Click here to view Joey D Golf offerings for MLGT players


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