Temporary Covid-19 Rules for Restarting on May 18, 2020
These rules will be strictly enforced by MLGT and host venue staff
Monday, May 11, 2020

We are excited to announce the MLGT will be starting back up on May 18, 2020 at Melreese Country Club. We know we can safely conduct tournaments while abiding by the CDC guidelines. Each county also has certain guidelines in place so here is a list of rules that will be strictly enforced at our events until further notice. If you cannot or are not willing to abide by these rules please do not sign up for events.

1. If you have a temperature or don't feel well don't come to the tournament.
2. You are not allowed on the host course's property until your designated arrival time which will be noted by your tee time. Some host venue's driving ranges will be closed. If so that will be noted on the event page.
3. Professionals will need to fill out the correct tax form using the secure link in their MLGT profile. Professionals will not receive their earnings until they have completed the current year tax form.
4. You must remain 6 feet apart from everyone at all times (handshakes suspended).
5. Players will need to bring their own water and snacks. They will not be provided by the host venue or MLGT staff.
6. Players must bring their own writing utensil for their scorecard.
7. Walking is temporarily suspended due to evacuation procedures.
8. Caddies are only permitted if they reside in the same household as the player and their drivers license address matches. No exceptions.
9. Spectators are not allowed.
10. There is to be no congregating of people at any time.
11. One person per golf cart (drivers license required) unless the host venue has dividers in the carts.
12. In the event of inclement weather (one long air horn blast) players must wear a face covering while awaiting the restart.
13. Your fellow competitor's scorecard, conditions and hole location sheet will be on your cart when you arrive.
14. There are no rakes in the bunkers or sand bottles on the carts. Bunkers will be played with a local rule of lift, clean and place within one club length. Waste areas are played as general area with no L,C,P.
15. You are not allowed to purposely touch the flagstick for any reason with your hand (a general penalty may be incurred for purposely touching the flagstick). If the host venue has the ez lift system in the hole you can not touch any part of the ez lift before your ball is holed. Doing so would be improving your conditions affecting the stroke and result in a penalty.
16. If the flagstick is not centered you are allowed to recenter it using your clubhead.
17. A ball is only considered holed when it comes to rest in the hole.
18. There will be no scoring table by the clubhouse. An official will be near 18 green to collect and certify your scorecard. Do not sign or touch any other scorecards other than the one that was on your cart at the start of the day.
19. As soon as you finish your round you must leave the golf course property.
20. Playoffs are temporarily suspended. All ties will be split.

MEMBERSHIP - Because the MLGT was shut down for 54 days due to Covid-19 every player's expiration date and base date has been extended 54 days. The reason the base date is important is if you paid for a one month membership and plan on upgrading to six month or annual you'll still get the full amount of time. Players will not lose any days on their membership due to the tour being shut down. If you have any questions regarding membership please call Scott at 561-598-9630.


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