Updated Covid-19 Rules - April 4, 2021
These rules will be strictly enforced by MLGT and host venue staff
Saturday, October 10, 2020

Updated Covid-19 Rules – April 4, 2021

The Covid-19 rules are changing constantly and will vary depending on the host venue and their county ordinances. Every event will have different rules that will be followed. These 4 categories will be highlighted.

CARTS – You will either share a golf cart with a fellow competitor, share a cart with a divider, or have your own golf cart.

FLAGSTICK – The flagstick will either have to remain in the hole or the player will have the option to remove the flagstick.

BUNKERS – Some venues will have bunker rakes and some will not. It is possible that a local rule will be enacted for Lift, Clean and Place within one club length in the bunkers. This would not apply to waste areas.

PLAYOFFS – Playoffs to break a tie for 1st place will be conducted unless otherwise noted.

The following rules will remain in place at all events unless otherwise noted

1. If you have a temperature or don’t feel well don’t come to the tournament.
2. Handshakes are suspended.
3. Players will need to bring their own water and snacks. They will not be provided by the host venue or MLGT staff.
4. Players must bring their own writing utensil for their scorecard.
5. Caddies are only permitted if they reside in the same household as the player and their drivers license address matches. No exceptions. If our event is in threesomes the pairings will be done randomly. If you're sharing a cart with another player your caddie will have to walk.
6. Spectators are allowed except at Melreese Country Club. Spectators must following social distance guidelines.
7. In the event of inclement weather (one long air horn blast) players may need to wear a face covering while awaiting the restart.
8. If the flagstick is not centered you are allowed to recenter it using your clubhead.
9. A ball is only considered holed when it comes to rest in the hole.

By registering for an event you agree to follow these Covid-19 Rules. Check your email (especially the tee time email) and the event page for event specific rules.

Thank you for abiding by these rules so we can continue to run safe golf tournaments.


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