Membership dues increasing for 2022. Five options available
If you'd like to extend your membership by 365 days at the old price of $300 you can until 2/28/22
Saturday, January 8, 2022

It's been over a decade since we have raised our membership dues. With the cost of doing business having increased significantly over the last two years we are raising our membership dues for 2022.

The new membership dues are as follows:

1 Event - $50
1 Month - $100
3 Months - $200
6 Months - $300
1 Year - $400

We are continuing to let the membership build so if you do not pay the annual membership up front you are not penalized. You can pay it in $50 increments. Click here for more information on how the membership builds.

If you would like to extend your membership by 365 days from your current expiration at the old annual price of $300 you can do so unitl 2/28/22 by registering for the "$300 Membership 1-year Extension" event on the bottom of the upcoming events page and paying for it. If you have any questions please call Director Scott Turner at 561-598-9630.

Click here to go to the "$300 Membership 1-year Extension". You will need to register and pay for this event to get 365 days added to your current expiration date at the old annual membership price of $300.


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