Kris Blanks

Jupiter, FL
Status: Professional
Turned Professional: 
Membership: 9/19/2012
Minor League Tour Career Earnings: $2,045.00

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Best Minor League Golf Finishes (News Articles)

12/3/201237 time GOLFslinger Tour winner Steve LeBrun Earns 2013 PGA Tour Card
Scott Langley will join him as a 2013 rookie, while Justin Hicks, Nicholas Thompson, Kris Blanks and Eric Compton return to the PGA Tour
11/26/201219 Players in PGA Tour Q-School Finals Have Played GOLFslinger Tour
Sunny Kim, Dan McCarthy, Brett Stegmaier, Steve LeBrun, Brett Bergeron, Alan Morin, Nate Smith, Derek Fathauer, Guy Boros, Len Matiace, Scott Langley, Kris Blanks, Chris Wilson, Erik Compton, Michael Sims, Matt Hill, Mike Welch, Vince Covello
9/20/2012Ben Silverman birdies 18 for a final round 66 and a 1 shot win
Sunny Kim was second, Kris Blanks third

Minor League Golf Results

Score Date Place
137 (70-67)9/19/20123

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