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April Jupiter CC Classic Presented by Unlimited Auto Wash Club

COURSE: Jupiter Country Club - Par 71 (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:4/11/2019, DURATION: 1-Day
4/9/2019, You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $5 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register the day before the event.
TEE TIMES:Start 10:28am
OTHER INFO:50% of the field earns a check. Every participant will receive one free auto wash and the winner of the event will receive a certificate for three free months of unlimited auto washes. Click on event title to learn more.
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less
ENTRY FEE: $200 Active Tour Member  OR  $250 Includes a $50 Event Membership 
OPTIONAL: $20 Skins, Paid Players    $50 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online by 4pm the day before the event. A $5 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after 4pm.

Jupiter Country Club - Par 71
126 Rosalia Court
Jupiter, FL  33478

(561) 746-3950

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Registered Player List

Pmt Player Membership
2001Victor Alarcon5/11/2019 Expired
2002Sebastien Beaudry4/25/2019 Expired
2003Ian Benedict4/26/2019 Expired
2004Chad Bricker9/14/2019
2005Olin Browne Jr.9/12/2019
2006Max Buckley11/19/2019
2007Brian Carlson4/17/2019 Expired
2008Ryan Carter5/1/2019 Expired
2009Nicolas Cavero10/29/2019
20010Nate Choukas 5/21/2019
20011Tyler Cline 10/25/2019
20012Jon Curran2/4/2020
20013Nathan Davis7/16/2019
20014Jacob Eggers10/11/2019
20015Donna Fiscelli5/9/2019 Expired
20016Ryan Fowler5/21/2019
20017Oscar Fraustro4/11/2019 Expired
20018Alejandro Garmendia3/11/2020
20019Max Gilbert7/21/2019
20020Evan Grenus10/4/2019
20021Gavin Hall8/16/2019
20022Tim Hegarty5/8/2019 Expired
20023Thomas Henderson11/8/2019
20024Matthew Hirsh 9/11/2019
20025Matthew Jennings7/9/2019
20026Janelle Johnson 6/20/2019
20027Ryan Lacey4/21/2019 Expired
20028Bradley Lankler7/21/2019
20029Siyan Liu7/10/2019
20030James Mackenzie 8/16/2019
20031Michael Manavian7/10/2019
20032Blake Maum8/17/2019
20033Michael McGowan4/11/2020
20034Mike Miller4/6/2020
20035Johnathan Milner 7/16/2019
20036Austin Nowak5/11/2019 Expired
20037Julius Oppenheimer (a)1/2/2020
20038Matt Oshrine7/9/2019
20039Greg Palmer5/6/2019 Expired
20040Brant Peaper5/9/2020
20041Brendan Peel 11/8/2019
20042Sandro Piaget 6/4/2019
20043Matthew Piescher10/2/2019
20044Anthony Russo 8/11/2019
20045Kyle Rybicki6/2/2019
20046Jeremy Sisson (a)11/25/2019
20047Ryder Sutcliffe (a)8/12/2019
20048Michael Sweeney4/21/2019 Expired
20049Sean Sweithelm 7/25/2019
20050Kevin Talty5/11/2019 Expired
20051Ben Taylor 5/8/2019 Expired
20052Evan Thornton 1/16/2020
20053Ben VanScoyk5/20/2019
20054Dominick Vennari10/10/2019
20055Brett Walker7/21/2019
20056Clancy Waugh 5/17/2019 Expired
20057Zach Weaver12/4/2019
20058Jon White 4/11/2019 Expired
20059Chris Wiatr7/28/2019
20060Chris Wilson4/25/2019 Expired

Waiting Player List

No. Player Reg Date Time
1Blaze Hogan4/10/201912:38:40 PM
2Eric Dietrich4/10/20194:33:12 PM

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