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2021 Major I

COURSE: Country Club of Coral Springs - Par 70 (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:1/18/2021, DURATION: 2-Day Major
1/16/2021, You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $5 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register the day before the event.
TEE TIMES:Start 8am off #10
OTHER INFO:40% of the field earns a check. Start on #10. $10,000 1st place at 72 Players. $6,000 1st place at 50 Players. $1,000 added to the purse by the MLGT!
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less. A face covering is required upon arrival and may be removed when you start your round. Please read the Updated Covid-19 Rules before coming to the tournament.
ENTRY FEE: $650 Active Tour Member  OR  $750 Includes a $100 1 Month Membership 
OPTIONAL: $40 Skins, Paid Players    $100 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online by 4pm the day before the event. A $5 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after 4pm.

Country Club of Coral Springs - Par 70
10800 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL  33065

(954) 752-4500

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Registered Player List

Pmt Player Membership
1Brad Adamonis3/29/2021
6502Ben Albin10/9/2021
3Patrick Allgeier12/1/2021
4Mike Anderson1/6/2021 Expired
6505Juan Arrazola12/1/2021
6Mario Beltran10/29/2020 Expired
7Eric Beringer4/11/2021
8Hugo Bernard 4/20/2021
6509Otto Black2/19/2021
10Peter Bradbeer (a)6/9/2021
11Anthony Brodeur4/28/2021
12Callum Brown 4/26/2021
13Olin Browne Jr.12/7/2021
14Logan Bryant 6/5/2021
15Bennett Buch4/20/2021
65016Sean Busch10/12/2021
65017Michael Buttacavoli5/4/2021
18Ethan Cairns1/18/2021
19Luke Campbell3/15/2021
20Jay Card6/7/2021
21Matthew Ceravolo7/7/2021
22Albin Choi3/23/2021
23Tyler Cline 12/24/2020 Expired
24Eric Cole12/14/2020 Expired
65025Tyler Collet6/9/2021
26Matt Cowgill3/11/2021
27Eric Dietrich1/9/2021 Expired
65028James Driscoll11/19/2021
29Corey Eisenband2/1/2021
30John Felitto9/22/2021
31Peter French7/28/2021
32David Germann3/18/2021
33Luke Graboyes5/20/2021
34Michael Graboyes5/20/2021
65035Austin Graham3/30/2021
36Stephen P Grant5/3/2021
37Max Greyserman6/17/2021
65038Gavin Hall4/20/2021
65039Andreas Halvorsen Berg1/19/2022
40Evan Harmeling1/24/2021
65041Matt Harris 2/19/2021
42Josh Hart1/26/2021
43Tim Hegarty5/18/2021
44Jimmy Hervol7/13/2021
45Matthew Hirsh12/17/2020 Expired
46Matt Holuta4/27/2021
65047Brendan Hunter3/1/2021
48Ezra Joyner12/29/2020 Expired
65049Louis Kelly5/12/2021
50Billy Kennerly 2/24/2020 Expired
51Sunny Kim1/11/2021 Expired
65052David Kocher2/21/2021
53Chase Koepka3/31/2021
54Rasmey Kong1/18/2021
65055Joey Lane7/20/2021
56Bradley Lankler6/18/2021
57Kyle Leeds2/8/2021
58Austin Lemieux (a)8/14/2021
59Clifford Lindholm4/28/2021
60James Mackenzie 2/6/2021
65061Charles Maizel5/18/2021
62Ethan Marcus 2/12/2021
63Peter Mathison3/22/2021
65064Jon Mayer2/18/2021
65065Daniel McGurk11/16/2021
66Mariano Medico 3/30/2021
67Raoul Menard4/16/2021
68Brady Moran1/5/2021 Expired
69Blake Morris5/17/2021
70Matthew Naumec12/14/2020 Expired
71Chris Navarro1/15/2021 Expired
72Daniel Obremski1/19/2021
65073Tommy Oliver3/22/2021
74Julius Oppenheimer (a)3/4/2021
65075Daniel O'Rourke7/20/2021
76Carter Page2/6/2021
77Matthew Paradis3/1/2021
65078Paul Pastore 2/11/2021
79Brant Peaper7/7/2021
80Brendan Peel 4/20/2021
65081David Powers4/28/2021
82Marcelo Rozo12/24/2020 Expired
83David Sanders4/20/2021
84Andrew Sciarretta11/30/2020 Expired
85Jake Scott12/6/2020 Expired
86Louis Sileno10/12/2020 Expired
87Ben Silverman5/11/2020 Expired
65088Ryan Skae6/7/2021
89Alejandro Soto6/9/2021
90Sam Stilwell6/30/2020 Expired
91John Stoltz12/31/2020 Expired
65092Tyler Strafaci (a)7/20/2021
65093Adam Svensson6/9/2021
65094Evan Thornton3/11/2021
95Jason Thresher4/5/2021
65096Timothy Umphrey5/20/2021
65097John VanDerLaan2/18/2021
98Carr Vernon7/13/2021
65099Ethan Votraw11/17/2021
650100Clancy Waugh 9/17/2021
101Chris Wiatr3/31/2021
102Kris Wilcoxon1/19/2021
103Aaron Wilson 12/4/2021
650104Jonathan Yates2/13/2021
105Zach Zaback6/4/2021

Waiting Player List

No. Player Reg Date Time
1Harrison Rhoades1/10/202111:27:38 AM
2Willy Pumarol1/10/202111:12:22 PM
3Brian Carlson1/11/202110:08:19 AM
4Ryan Linton1/11/202111:42:37 AM
5Colin Rajczak1/12/20211:25:31 PM
6Brad Miller1/12/20214:13:44 PM
7Joaquin Lolas1/12/20214:38:39 PM
8Alexandre De Gunzburg 1/12/20218:06:44 PM
9Evan Grenus1/13/20219:34:04 AM
10Roland Massimino1/14/202111:03:31 AM
11Jake Daly1/14/202111:56:11 AM
12Anthony Amoroso (a)1/15/202111:41:21 AM

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