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Fountains December Classic

COURSE: Fountains Country Club - West Course (Mapquest Directions)
START DATE:12/12/2022, DURATION: 1-Day
12/10/2022. You may register after the deadline if spots are available. A $5 late registration fee will be added at checkout if you register after the Saturday, December 10, 2022 registration deadline.
TEE TIMES:Stat 8am
OTHER INFO:40% of the field earns a check. Play will be in foursomes. WEST Course.
ELIGIBILITY:Professionals & Amateurs with a USGA handicap of 6 or less
ENTRY FEE: $210 Active Tour Member  OR  $260 Includes a $50 Event Membership 
OPTIONAL: $20 Skins, Paid Players    $50 Bonus Pool, Calculator, Paid Players
All entry and membership fees need to be paid online before 4:00 PM on 12/11/2022. A $0 late payment fee will be added at checkout for payments made after the Sunday, December 11, 2022 4:00 PM deadline.

Fountains Country Club - West Course
4615 Fountains Drive
Lake Worth, FL  33467

(561) 642-2700

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Registered Player List

Pmt Player Membership
2101Dylan Allen (a)12/12/2022
2Dawson Anders8/17/2023
3Mike Anderson3/15/2023
4Mustapha Assorhani6/28/2022 Expired
5Billy Basham12/4/2022 Expired
6Brandon Berry6/5/2023
7Tom Bevington5/10/2023
8Larry Blatt1/6/2023
9Peter Bradbeer4/6/2023
10Josh Brown2/3/2023
11Ethan Cairns11/5/2022 Expired
12Ryan Celano 12/7/2023
21013Ken Chuparkoff II (a)12/12/2022
21014Drayton Cook (a)12/12/2022
15Ryan Davis6/22/2023
16Robert De Paz 3/8/2023
21017Ethan Ducharme (a)12/12/2022
18Jason Dudzinski12/15/2022
19Grayson Eleftheriou (a)12/4/2022 Expired
20Christopher Fischer5/16/2023
21Will Frodigh11/17/2022 Expired
21022Riley Goss6/3/2023
23Daniel Griffiths (a)1/17/2022 Expired
21024Gavin Hall4/12/2023
21025Martin Hanna12/15/2022
26Chris Ingham4/6/2023
27Ryan Isaacson11/14/2022 Expired
28Kevin Johnson (a)3/20/2023
21029Dawson Jones6/5/2023
30Michael Kartrude2/22/2023
31Eli Kimche (a)1/23/2021 Expired
32Allan Kournikova (a)1/13/2023
33Shkelqim Kukaj5/10/2022 Expired
34Austin Lemieux (a)10/12/2023
21035Mason Lenhart12/12/2022
36Ryan Linton12/27/2022
37Siyan Liu11/17/2022 Expired
38Sasha Lobel1/31/2023
39Erik MacDonald3/4/2023
40Ethan Marcus3/2/2023
41Daniel McGurk3/6/2023
42Raoul Menard1/14/2023
43Matthew Meneghetti12/9/2022
21044Patricia Meunier-Lebouc11/15/2023
45Glen-Michael Mihavetz5/16/2023
21046Micah Morris1/4/2023
47Wolmer Murillo11/13/2022 Expired
48Chris Navarro1/5/2023
21049Tyler Neff1/12/2023
50Brendan O'Reilly12/15/2022
51Riley O'Rourke11/1/2022 Expired
52Matthew Paradis6/6/2022 Expired
53JP Parr (a)5/24/2021 Expired
54Christopher Pieper11/28/2022 Expired
55Jonathan Pieper12/15/2022
56William Pugliese1/4/2023
57Charles Quirion6/5/2023
58Colin Rajczak12/6/2022 Expired
21059Mark Roder3/25/2023
60Dominic Sampedro (a)11/21/2022 Expired
61Michael Sweeney1/6/2023
21062Tucker Timmons1/13/2023
63Donnie Trosper2/21/2023
64Ben VanScoyk3/14/2023
65Carr Vernon1/4/2023
66Clancy Waugh11/15/2023
67Myles Wharram12/4/2022 Expired
68Brad Whitaker3/20/2023
69Christopher White1/6/2023
70Timmy Wideman2/15/2023
71Cameron Willis2/14/2023
72Aaron Wilson12/14/2022

Waiting Player List

No. Player Reg Date Time
1Cameron Starr11/30/20225:39:07 PM
2Mason Carmel12/1/20222:32:36 PM
3Carson Klawonn12/1/20224:10:50 PM
4Devon Kim (a)12/1/20229:41:02 PM
5Abhay Gupta (a)12/2/20228:48:15 AM
6Connor Asarch (a)12/2/202212:11:44 PM
7Jake Hibbert (a)12/2/20225:38:45 PM
8Trevor Sluman12/4/20227:06:48 AM
9Brandon Barfield12/4/20225:35:54 PM
10Sean Hourigan (a)12/4/20227:09:17 PM
11Robby Golobo 12/6/202210:50:40 AM

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