Success at the Next Level - March 28-31, 2024
Congratulations to players with MLGT experience having success at the next level!
Monday, April 1, 2024

Pictured above - Stephan Jaeger

The Minor League Golf Tour would like to congratulate players who have kept their skills sharp by competing on the MLGT and taken them to the next level.

This past week the following players shined on the following tours.

PGA Tour - Texas Children's Houston Open - Houston, Texas
1st - Stephan Jaeger
T2 - Alejandro Tosti
T7 - Max Greyserman
T11 - Akshay Bhatia

PGA Tour Americas - Totalplay Championship - Guadalajara, Mexico
T3 - Stuart MacDonald
T3 - Marcos Montenegro
T10 - Thomas Longbella
T15 - Jorge Villar
T20 - Brian Carlson
T20 - Luis Fernado Barco
T20 - Leandro Marelli

Congratulations guys and keep up the great play!


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