Carter Smith (a) wins the Training Division at PGA National Champ
The event was shortened to 13 holes due to weather
Monday, September 28, 2020

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Carter Smith (a) from Norfolk, VA fired 50 (1-under par) to win the Training Division on the Champ course at PGA National. He won a $95 gift certificate to the PGA Tour Superstore for the win. Nice playing Carter!

After two lengthy weather delays the sun set while the last group was on the 14th hole. Tour policy is the event is official if all players finish at least half of the scheduled starting holes (9 of an 18 hole event). The number of holes the final group finish count towards the event.

NEW for 2020...the leading money winner every month will win a prize ranging from MLGT swag to a free entry into the regular division to play with the professionals. September's prize is a MLGT yardage book cover. Here is how we stand with just 1 TD event left in September.

September TD Contest

Training Division

Weather shortened to 13 holes (par 51).

Event Details

Start: 9/28/2020
Rounds: 1

Players: 17
Entry: $95
Purse: $425

Event Photos

50 - Carter Smith (a) - $95 *Gift Certificate

PGA National - Champ - Par 70
400 Ave of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418

(561) 627-2000

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount Total
50 Carter Smith (a)1 $95.00$95.00
51 NaShawn Tyson (a) 2 $75.00$75.00
55 Robert Bolks Jr. (a)4 $65.00$65.00
57 Ben Kassman T5 $50.00$50.00
57 Bo Bondeson (a)T5 $50.00$50.00
59 Brandon Burkhamer (a)7 $35.00$35.00
60 Alex Hance (a) 8 $30.00$30.00
61 Ben Clarke (a)9 $25.00$25.00
62 Michael Cohen (a) $0.00$0.00
62 Sandeep Matharu (a) $0.00$0.00
66 Scott Frothingham (a) $0.00$0.00
68 Allison Cooper-Wix (a) $0.00$0.00
69 TJ Aubuchon $0.00$0.00
DNF*Dawson Johnson (a) $0.00$0.00
DNF*Brandon Spooner (a) $0.00$0.00
NC*Raulston Miller (a) $0.00$0.00

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