Steve LeBrun & Carlos Velez tie in weather shortened Q-School Contest 1 Finale
LeBrun wins Q-School Contest 1, shortened event does not effect contest outcome
Thursday, February 10, 2011

LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Steve LeBrun of West Palm Beach and Carlos Velez of Miami were declared co-champions Thursday in a Fuzion-Minor League Golf Tour event on the North course at Fountains Country Club. A combination of a large field of 80 players, weather delays, and early darkness due to heavy cloud cover cut the event to 12 holes.

Tour policy dictates all players must complete nine holes for an event to be official. After that, if all players do not compete 18, scores are based on the number of holes the last group of players completes. On Thursday, that was 12 holes and LeBrun and Velez were tied at four under par 44.

It was a record 28th MLGT victory for LeBrun, breaking a tie with Justin Peters, while Velez won a professional golf tournament for the first time. LeBrun had four birdies. Velez made an eagle, four birdies and two bogeys. Each received $1,000.

In addition to the victory, Steve LeBrun won the first of five 2011 PGA Tour Q-School Contests. The Fuzion MLGT will pay for his entry into 2012 PGA Tour Qualifying.

Thankfully, the shortened event did not effect the contest outcome. Scott Hawley, who started the day $104.29 behind LeBrun, and Jimmy Lytle who was $419.93 back, played in the same group with LeBrun who led or was tied for the lead for the entire 18 holes.

Next week the tour plays Monday at Jacaranda, Wednesday at Madison Green, and Thursday at The Presidents. Addtionally the MLGT is having its first ever Cumulative 3-Day Event. A player must play all three one-day $190 events Feb 14, 16 & 17 to be eligible. Then 100% of the $300 cumulative 3-Day Entry is put into the purse, with the usual 50% of field MLGT payout based upon total scores from each individual event.

There was $420 in the skins pot with 10 out worth $42 each.

#1 - Peter Laws, Carlos Velez (Eagle)
#6 - Mike Larkin, Carlos Velez
#8 - Warren Jurkowitz, Ben Sequeira
#9 - Tim Turpen, Carlos Velez
#12 - MIchael Davenport, Ben Hartman

Honda Pre-Qualifier Tune-up

NORTH COURSE, Event shortened to 12 holes due to weather and darkness

Event Details

Start: 2/10/2011
Rounds: 1

Players: 80
Entry: $190
Purse: $9678.1

Event Photos

44 - Carlos Velez & Steve LeBrun - $1,000* co-champions

Fountains Country Club - Old West Course
4615 Fountains Drive
Lake Worth, FL  33467

(561) 642-2700

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount
44Steve LeBrunT1$1,000.00
44Carlos VelezT1$1,000.00
45Brett BergeronT3$575.00
45Jacob KorbT3$575.00
45Jimmy HazenT3$575.00
46Scott HawleyT6$381.25
46Mike LarkinT6$381.25
46Sean Kalin T6$381.25
46Ryan ArmourT6$381.25
47Devin KayT10$230.00
47Chris ScialoT10$230.00
47Louis-Pierre GodinT10$230.00
47Tim TurpenT10$230.00
47Michael DavenportT10$230.00
47Frank DullyT10$230.00
47Richard TergaT10$230.00
47David M. SmithT10$230.00
47Marc MazzaT10$230.00
47Dustin ConeT10$230.00
47Michael TobiasonT10$230.00
47Kyle WillmannT10$230.00
48Jim Fitzpatrick T22$100.00
48Ted BrownT22$100.00
48Danny SahlT22$100.00
48Brandon BrownT22$100.00
48Sunny KimT22$100.00
48Billy HemstockT22$100.00
48Jimmy LytleT22$100.00
48Ben HartmanT22$100.00
48Matt MajkaT22$100.00
48Kyle MooreT22$100.00
48James DonahoeT22$100.00
49Alfredo AdrianT33$43.70
49Taylor CerjanT33$43.70
49Jonathan OrchinT33$43.70
49Warren JurkowitzT33$43.70
49Sue GinterT33$43.70
49Sal SpalloneT33$43.70
49Jeff BorsT33$43.70
49Chris DamianoT33$43.70
49Derrick BohannonT33$43.70
49David SchusterT33$43.70
49Peter LawsT33$43.70
49Marshall PickettT33$43.70
49Corey HenryT33$43.70
50Jose MonteroT46$0.00
50Ben Sequeira T46$0.00
50Patrick D'AnthonyT46$0.00
50Brandon Smith (a)T46$0.00
50Alexandre OuelletteT46$0.00
50Alex MessiquaT46$0.00
50Gonzalo GrandaT46$0.00
50Jared FishmanT46$0.00
50Kevin LoftusT46$0.00
51Gerard Scheer, JrT56$0.00
51Juan C. PerelloT56$0.00
51Andy GoldenT56$0.00
51Dustin WallisT56$0.00
51Andrew FarrellT56$0.00
51Liam FriedmanT56$0.00
52Bertus WesselsT62$0.00
52Greg PieczynskiT62$0.00
52Mike AutersonT62$0.00
52Jason Trout T62$0.00
53Chris Musumeci66$0.00
54John Van WartT67$0.00
54Toby HearnT67$0.00
54AJ GerlachT67$0.00
54Chad BrickerT67$0.00
55Raul SanzT72$0.00
55Tyler KitsonT72$0.00
56Sean Perkins (a)T74$0.00
56Bryan Shin (a)T74$0.00
56Michael Bourbeau (a)T74$0.00
57Jason Hogan77$0.00
61Ray Keeter78$0.00
DNFMarc IsslerT79$0.00
DNFMarc-Andre RoyT79$0.00

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