David Smith (69) only player to break 70, wins by 1
Jake Katz of Buffalo, NY tied for second place with Dan McCarthy of Syracuse, NY and Sal Spallone from Vero Beach. Each player earned $600.
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

JUPITER, Fla. – David Smith of Ruston, La., won his fifth tournament on the Golfslinger.com Tour with a three under par 69 Tuesday at Abacoa Golf Club. Smith made two birdies on each nine and a bogey at the fourth hole.

Smith, 32, earned $1,000 from the $7,021 purse, raising his career earnings to $44,725 since he joined Golfslinger in September, 2005.

Jake Katz of Buffalo, NY tied for second place with Dan McCarthy of Syracuse, NY and Sal Spallone from Vero Beach. Each player earned $600.

There were 59 starters. On Thursday, the Links at Madison Green in Royal Palm Beach will be the next Golfslinger.com Tour host.

There was $310 in the skins pot with 3 skins out worth $103.34 each.

2 (Eagle)- Matt Springer
4- Brad Adamonos
17 (Eagle)- Brooks Koepka

Event Details

Start: 3/12/2013
Rounds: 1

Players: 59
Entry: $200
Purse: $7021.04

Event Photos

69 - David Smith - $1,000

Abacoa Golf Club
105 Barbados Drive
Jupiter, FL  33458

(561) 622-0036

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount
69David M. Smith1$1,000.00
70Dan McCarthyT2$600.00
70Sal SpalloneT2$600.00
70Jake KatzT2$600.00
71Brad AdamonisT5$425.00
71Mark BaldwinT5$425.00
72Jimmy LytleT7$205.42
72Marc MazzaT7$205.42
72Josh HartT7$205.42
72Chris DamianoT7$205.42
72Shaun PowersT7$205.42
72Will ColemanT7$205.42
72Jeff IvallT7$205.42
72Dustin WallisT7$205.42
72Vince AlessiT7$205.42
72Devin KayT7$205.42
72Brooks KoepkaT7$205.42
72Bobby BradyT7$205.42
73Patrick Pelletier19$86.00
74Greg EtimosT20$77.00
74Pat SteffesT20$77.00
74Brian BartowT20$77.00
74Ricky CaskoT20$77.00
74Greg DuncanT20$77.00
74Jordan HolleyT20$77.00
74Sandro Piaget T20$77.00
74Mark BrownT20$77.00
75Stevenson Clarke (a)T28$51.00
75Drew PerryT28$51.00
75Zach GlassmanT28$51.00
75Kent St. CharlesT28$51.00
76Mike MeisenzahlT32$0.00
76Daniel ObremskiT32$0.00
76Justin Bryant T32$0.00
76Jeff HattenT32$0.00
76Tyler KitsonT32$0.00
76Piri BorjaT32$0.00
76Matt SpringerT32$0.00
77Sunny KimT39$0.00
77Mike FeketeT39$0.00
77Adam HaleT39$0.00
77Marc IsslerT39$0.00
77Scott MillerT39$0.00
77Keegan Tyers T39$0.00
78Rex RossT45$0.00
78Justin RothT45$0.00
78Justin BartlettT45$0.00
78Drew DeimelT45$0.00
78Angel MonguzziT45$0.00
79Carlos LaraT50 $0.00
79Joe FrustaciT50$0.00
80Logan Brown52$0.00
81Matt MorozT53$0.00
81Justin FonsecaT53 $0.00
81John HaightT53$0.00
82Ben KeithT56$0.00
82Stephen BurlesonT56$0.00
85Lance Oberparleiter (a)58$0.00
NCWhit Staples59$0.00

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