A. Hitt, B. Titsworth, B. Stegmaier and R. Menard win Qualifying School Contest #5 presented by Britto & Herman Injury Lawyers
The 4 men split the $5k bonus to put towards their Q-School entry fee
Tuesday, September 19, 2023

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Austin Hitt, Beau Titsworth, Brett Stegmaier and Raoul Menard fired 112 (9-under par) to win 2023 Qualifying School Contest #5 on the Estate course at PGA National Golf Club.

MLGT policy states that if more than half of the scheduled starting holes are completed the event is official and however many holes the final group completes will count for the event. In this case the final group finished 13 holes of the final round when Mother Nature would not let anymore golf be played making the event 31 holes (par 121).

After three weather delays that totalled more than four hours, play was called for the day and four men were declared co-champions at 9-under par.

Q-School Contest #5

Congratulations gentleman and good luck this year at Q-School.

2023 Qualifying School Contest #5

22 of the 33 players chose to enter the optional $200 Qualifying School Contest. The 4 men split the $5k bonus and earned $1,250 each to use for the Q-School entry fee of their choice.

A big thank you to PGA National and it's membership for hosting and Britto & Herman Injury Lawyers for sponsoring the event.

2023 Qualifying School Contest #5 presented by Britto & Herman Injury Lawyers

Must be playing in 2-Day event at PGA National - Estate to participate in the Contest. The player with the lowest 2-Day total score will receive $5,000 towards their 2023 Qualifying School entry.

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Event Details

Start: 9/18/2023
Rounds: 2

Players: 22
Entry: $200
Purse: $5000

Event Photos

112 - A. Hitt, B. Titsworth, B. Stegmaier & R. Menard - $1,250 each (Weather shortened to 31 holes)

PGA National - Estates
7736 Bay Hill Drive
West Palm Beach, FL  33412

(561) 627-1614

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Tournament Results Scoring Details

Score Player Amount
112 (64-48)*Austin HittT1 $1,250.00
112 (64-48)*Beau TitsworthT1 $1,250.00
112 (67-45)*Brett StegmaierT1 $1,250.00
112 (68-44)*Raoul MenardT1 $1,250.00
113 (66-47)*Mickey DeMorat $0.00
113 (66-47)*Brandon Berry $0.00
113 (67-46)*Eric Beringer $0.00
115 (68-47)*Olin Browne Jr. $0.00
116 (67-49)*Garrett Barber $0.00
116 (68-48)*Trevor Sluman $0.00
117 (69-48)*Carter Page $0.00
117 (70-47)*Ryan Celano $0.00
120 (67-53)*Rasmey Kong $0.00
120 (70-50)*Timmy Wideman $0.00
120 (74-46)*Evan Katz $0.00
123 (72-51)*Ryan Linton $0.00
124 (74-50)*Ryan Skae $0.00
127 (80-47)*Justin Peters $0.00
128 (77-51)*Tiernan Sand $0.00
68 NC*David Sanders $0.00
71 NC*Tim Hegarty $0.00

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