Steve Parry

Status: Professional
Turned Professional: 2001
Membership: 4/6/2022
Minor League Tour Career Earnings: $4,206.17

Hole Scoring Since 2015
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Best Minor League Golf Finishes (News Articles)

3/8/2022Steve Parry blows the field away with 66 at Saint Lucie Trail GC
Chase Koepka 2nd at 71 followed by Carr Vernon in 3rd at 72
2/15/2022Steve Parry was the only player to break par on a tough windy day at Eagle Trace
Parry has now won in back to back starts
1/17/2022Steve Parry fires 64 to win the KFT Qualifier Tune Up at Weston Hills
Alejandro Restrepo 2nd at 65 followed by Roland Massimino in 3rd at 66

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